52. Camp out at Gundyville

Born and raised in Texas, I soon realized how big a deal football was. Not only to my family, but to the whole state. At a young age I jumped on the bandwagon and became obsessed with Texas Longhorn football. When college came around, I knew I was going to go to a Big 12 school. I wanted to go to a university that lived and breathed football. When I started visiting colleges, I quickly realized how much pride and love Oklahoma State had for their Cowboys.

As a freshman at Oklahoma State I would always hear about Gundyville. Students would camp out at Gundyville and if they camped out from Thursday at 5 p.m. to Saturday at 8 a.m., they would be allowed into the game 30 minutes early, guaranteeing some amazing seats for a Cowboy football game. My freshman year, I sat outside the gates of Boone Pickens Stadium for approximately six hours so I could have amazing seats for the Texas A&M vs. OSU football game. I ended up being on ESPN, which was also on my bucket list (number 9).

Not the best picture..but I'm in white.

As a sophomore, I decided it was finally my turn to camp out at Gundyville. The first game of the year was against Louisiana-Lafayette. Since you campout in teams, we decided to give each person a different shift so other members of the campout team would be able to go to class or work. My shift was Friday from 12 to 3. So far, the weather in Stillwater had been crazy hot, but I didn’t realize how hot it truly was until I sat in a tent, in the sun, for three hours. I brought homework and my laptop so I could watch Netflix, but the whole time, all I could do was count down the minutes until my shift was up.

I was sweaty and disgusting from camping out, but I’m so glad I did it. I got to show my pride for my school and have a cool experience. So far my Cowboys are 2-0 and I’m pretty confident that our season will stay on this track. If you’re a student at Oklahoma State and are crazy about the Cowboys, I highly recommend camping out at Gundyville. It might be hot, but it’s well worth it.

Next week: number 17.


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