54. Go to a rap concert

I know in my last blog post I said that I would write about number 17 this week, but after experiencing a rap concert, I decided that it was worth it to add to my bucket list because it is something I never want to forget.

Austin City Limits poster (Credit to ACL)

This weekend I traveled back home to go to Austin City Limits musical festival. I have been to ACL before and have witnessed some amazing concerts (Mute Math, Kings of Leon, Gnarls Barkley), but none as amazing as Kanye West. If you know me at all, you know that all I listen to is country.  Every once and awhile I will listen to another genre (right now I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons) but not very often.

Growing up I listened to Kanye West because he was played on the top 100 and a lot of friends listened to him. I had nothing against Kanye…until he felt the need to bash my girl Taylor Swift. After that, I never listened to him. If Gold Digger came on, I would sing along and enjoy it, but I never felt the need to go listen to his new songs.

When I learned that Kanye West and Coldplay would both be headlining ACL Friday evening, I knew I had a hard choice to make. I ended up seeing two Coldplay songs (one being Yellow, incredible), and then decided to go see all of Kanye’s show. As soon as it started I was taken back. His stage presence, the lights, the background, the ballet dancers; it was amazing. From start to finish I was having a blast. I was dancing along with the crowd and “rapping” along with the songs I knew. As someone who despises rap, I was in shock with how much I loved this show. If you ever get the chance to go to ACL, I recommend that you do. You’ll be able to step outside your comfort zone, music wise, and maybe you will even become a fan of a genre you never liked before. Seeing Kanye West was not on my top things to do in my life, but now that I have, I am a new fan.


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