28. Visit The Bluebell Factory

For people who do not live in Texas, they might not realize the pure awesomeness of Blue Bell ice cream. Growing up all I ate was Blue Bell ice cream, specifically the milk chocolate flavor. Around junior year of high school I was introduced to Ben and Jerry’s ice cram and while I do enjoy Half Baked  sometimes, it will never compare to any of the Blue Bell favors. The first time I visited the Blue Bell factory, I was under the age of 10. As you can imagine, I was in heaven. Being able to see your favorite flavors being packaged was amazing.

After enjoying some Blue Bell ice cream while watching a movie, me and three other friends decided we should go visit the Blue Bell factory out in Brehnam, Texas. The drive to Brehnam is about two hours from Austin, but it was well worth it. The factory had changed quite a bit since I had been there last but it was still just as breath taking. The tour was my favorite part. We got to see where they packaged most of the ice cream and waved at the workers who smiled and waved back. I think the most exciting part of the tour is the free scoop of ice cream at the end. The little kid inside of me came out. There were so many flavors….and I had to choose just one. I ended up choosing some triple chocolate heaven-like flavor. It was delicious. One of my friends got to have her favorite flavor, Birthday Cake, which we learned was seasonal and that is why we could never find it in stores. I highly suggest going to the Blue Bell factory if you ever get the chance. It’s very cool to learn all about the history of Blue Bell but it’s also exciting to try some of the delicious ice cream.


Side note: in between Austin and Brehanam there is a street called Memory Lane, we got a kick out of it.

Photos courtesy of Samantha Sherman


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