5. Meet Someone Famous

When it comes to seeing or meeting famous people, I am that typical girl who is super obnoxious and the famous person probably assumes I am a crazed fan who stalks them…but I am far from that, I just get really excited. I am pretty sure the first famous person I ever “met” was Dennis Quaid, at a charity fashion show he put on in Austin. And by “met” him, I mean scream his name from 3 feet away and him ignoring me.

The first famous person, who I actually met and had a conversation with was Shay Butler, better known as Shay Carl. Now, a normal person who is not obsessed with YouTube probably has NO idea who this is. Shay Carl has multiple channels on YouTube and he puts up daily vlogs of his life that I have watched since day one. I know this sounds crazy, but this guy and his family have had a huge impact on me. If you watch the videos, you soon realize what an amazing man Shay is. He has a gorgeous wife and four children and you can just tell his family is his world. I started watching the Shaytards (his YouTube channel) in 2006 after my heart transplant. It kept me entertained and gave me something to look forward too. I think I enjoy the Shaytards so much because it has proven to me that someone can have a job they love and be legitimately happy. Time and time again I have heard adults complain about their jobs, and Shay, whose job is making youtube videos, has proven to me that happiness is a choice and if you’re not happy with something, change it.

Me, Shay, and Emily. I was geeking out.

I met Shay in Austin last spring break when he was there shooting a video for GE Ecoimagination, It was during SXSW, a huge music, movie, technology conference, so Austin is packed with people and it is just crazy. Well I happened to be downtown with two friends, Jamey and Emily, walking around and soaking up the weirdness Austin has to offer. I knew Shay was in Austin because he had tweeted about it, and I knew I had to meet him. After grabbing dinner, Jamey, Emily, and I headed back to my house to hang out and RIGHT as we got on the main highway, Shay tweeted saying he was at the GE solar powered Farris wheel. I am pretty sure I have never driven that fast in my life. I turned the car around and headed to the Farris wheel. When we got there, Emily and I jumped out of the car while Jamey drove around the block. Right when I saw Shay, I yelled his name and ran over to him. I was shaking and tearing up. I told him how much I love him and how he’s such an inspiration for me (he’s the reason I started a YouTube channel) and I gave him a package of pop rocks. Why? I have no idea…Emily and I got a picture and said our goodbyes and then went to go find Jamey. I was freaking out, jumping up and down and just squealing. That was one of the coolest moments of my life, hands down. When you finally meet someone who has impacted you in some way, and they are genuine and a nice person, it’s amazing.

P.S. Funny story, the following Sunday I met Michael Cera. He was not nice…at all.

Michael Cera and my friend Sarah in the blue. Doesn't he look friendly?


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