41. Go to Buddy Holly’s grave

This weekend I went to Lubbock, Texas, to see one of my best friends from high school, Emily Gandy, and to go to the OSU vs. Texas Tech game (10-0 y’all!). While in Lubbock I knew I had to knock something off my bucket list. So I decided that I would go to Buddy Holly’s (his real name was Charles Holley) grave.

Growing up I did not listen to Buddy Holly and the Crickets, but in seventh grade that changed. In my Texas history class in middle school we watched a movie all about Buddy Holley and I fell in love with his music and his story. After watching that movie I went home and purchased six or seven Buddy Holly songs. I became obsesses with That’ll Be The Day. I’m pretty sure I listen to it on a weekly basis still.

Going to see Buddy Holly’s grave would be harder than I thought. Emily and I drove around the cemetery for a good 20 minutes before we found his grave. For someone who was so influential we assumed he would have a huge headstone and would be clearly marked. We were wrong. He has a simple headstone with a few flowers and small sign pointing to his gravesite. It was really cool to see his grave and still see fresh flowers on it. I think I am so amazed with Buddy Holly because he had such a short career before his death but was so successful. He and Elvis Presley changed rock and roll. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and others were influenced by him. Buddy Holly had a huge influence on the music industry and I hope that my generation and later generations learn about him and how important he was.


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