Black Friday

This week while home for Thanksgiving break, I decided I would help my mom cross something off of her bucket list. When we started discussing the idea of something we could cross off together, Black Friday was suggested. We had never participated in Black Friday and honestly, I was almost scared too. You always hear those horror stories of people being trampled and I did not want to buy anything that badly.

We decided to go to Old Navy at 12 am and check out some of the sales. We got there around 12:05 and there was a line wrapped around the building, no joke. We ended browsing for a good amount of time and purchasing a few things. The worst part about Old Navy, was waiting in line to check out for an HOUR! Yes, a whole hour. While standing there, we kept debating if it was worth it…I believe it ended up being worth it. We purchased 5 items and ended up saving $121. One of the things we bought was a Pea Coat that was originally $89.95 and we got it for $35. What a steal. I was so excited.

Next,  we went to Macy’s to look around and it was packed. After Macy’s we finally headed home around 3 am. We fell asleep right away and went back out at 9 am. We went to Dillard’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. At Dick’s, Nike shorts were 50 percent off, so of course every girl was going crazy. I ended up buying two pairs for myself.

Black Friday was exhausting, but also a lot of fun. I loved spending time with my mom and being able to help her knock something off her list.


p.s A video of our experience will be up eventually!


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