62. Get on the field at Boone Pickens Stadium

Little J and I

Before the huge Bedlam game, I was nervous. Every single Oklahoma State fan knew that this game would help determine our fate. This Bedlam game was probably the most exciting game I have ever witnessed in person. The line to get into Boone Pickens Stadium was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it. Once getting into the stadium, the student section was shoulder to shoulder. The volume coming from BPS that night was insane and just what the cowboys needed. In the last few minutes the cowboys were up 44-10 and students started to head towards the field. As time ran out, students were rushing the field, and I knew I had to get down there.

I grabbed my little, Jordan, and started pulling her towards the edge of stadium. I knew we had a 9 foot drop ahead of us and I was never nervous to make the jump. This was my chance to celebrate with my cowboys. Jordan went over the edge first. Luckily, a gentleman helped her get down safely and she helped me down, and then we both helped our friend Miranda down. We all survived the first obstacle. Little did we know, that the real obstacle would be not being squeezed to death by the huge amount of fans on the field.

Once we were on the field, safely. I did tear up. We are the Big XII Champions. We beat OU for the first time in years. We had a chance at the National Championship. I was just so excited. Everyone was so hyped and the energy was amazing. At one point, Justin Blackmon walked by and I reached out and touched his back. I know I sound like a fangirl, but it was amazing. Side note: earlier this week I got a picture with Brandon Weeden and Clint Chelf, so patting Blackmon on the back was icing on the cake.

Clint Chelf and Brandon Weeden

While on the field I got to lay down in the end zone, touch the goal post, and Wop. Yes, I got to Wop on the Boone Pickens Stadium. This sounds stupid, but anyone who knows me, knows I love the Wop. It’s ridiculous and perfect. Wopping on the field was one of the funniest thing I think I’ve ever done, especially because I had Jordan film it and I look absolutely stupid. I love it. I hope if you ever get the chance to rush the field, you do. It’s amazing being in the same place as a team that you have all your faith in. Last night will definitely be a night I’ll never forget. I cannot wait for the Fiesta Bowl on January 2nd. Go Pokes!