This is kind of cheating, since doing Karaoke was never technically on my bucket list, but it still counts since it is WAYYY out of my comfort zone! People who know me, know that I don’t have a good singing voice…at all. I sing in the shower, in the car and randomly to entertain people. I would never actually get up and sing in front of an audience. Well that changed when I went to Buffalo Wild Wings this past Saturday night when some friends. I got up and sang footloose with Allie (read her blog here), Goodbye Earl (video here), and Wannabe by the Spice Girls. It was SO much fun. Seriously. I had a blast. So if you’re ever bored on a Saturday night, get some friends together and go do some karaoke!

P.s. I have a really exciting bucket list item coming up in the next few weeks and I am going to need some help with it! I’ll keep you posted!!


What are you passionate about?

Once again, this doesn’t contain a bucket list item. Sorry, it’ll be a slow start to the year. I promise, I’ll get to it very soon.

Last night, my brother and I had a really interesting conversation about why more people don’t wonder how much their bodies can do. For anyone who doesn’t know Ryan, he’s obsessed with running and anything outdoors..he’s also a medical student learning all about what the body is capable of. I’m used to hearing him ask these kinds of questions about pushing your body to the extreme to see it’s full power. Whenever we talk about this, all I can think about is how God made our complex bodies and how amazing they truly are, so why not push them? . While training for this half marathon, I often will get to a point where I just hit a wall. I could easily keep going, but my mind tells me I’m tired, so I stop. We discussed what could a human do if they trained for a year? Could someone run 50 miles straight? After two years, could they do 100 miles? It’s crazy to think about,  how far could you run if you didn’t stop and just kept pushing your body to the extreme? Ryan said something last night that really hit me though. He said “I’ve got this crazy desire to pack my running bag with water and electrolyte packs and just start running. I don’t want to stop until the most forward motion I can manage is to crawl.” I love that. Can you imagine pushing your body so hard, that you’re literally crawling just to keep going. If anything, this showed me his true passion for running. This got me thinking, what are you so passionate about that you’re willing to crawl to achieve it? Think about it.