My Bucket List

Here is my current bucket list. Obviously, things will be added as time goes on. If you have any questions about any of the items or if you have an suggestions on how I can complete some of these, please feel free to leave comment! Thank you!

Bolded items have been completed

  1. go to an apple event
  2. have a bonfire at the beach
  3. get married
  4. give 50 dollars to a stranger
  5. meet someone famous
  6. grant a Make-A-Wish
  7. go to Vidcon
  8. go to a Post Secret event
  9. be on ESPN
  10. be on the background of the Today Show
  11. visit all 50 states
  12. learn to rope a calf
  13. ride a bull
  14. graduate from college
  15. publish a book
  16. go to the NFR
  17. rappel down a building
  18. kiss a stranger
  19. be in two places at once
  20. scream at the top of my lungs
  21. win bingo
  22. be on the front page of the newspaper
  23. sleep in a haunted house
  24. run a half marathon
  25. fall in love
  26. climb Enchanted rock
  27. go hunting
  28. visit the bluebell factory
  29. visit the Dublin Dr. Pepper factory
  30. visit McDonald Observatory
  31. go to the birthplace of Texas (Washington on the Brazos)
  32. bring someone to Christ
  33. go to a drive in movie theater
  34. take a picture that resembles Ansel Adam’s The Road
  35. visit Lufkin with my Mimi
  36. dance in Luchenbach
  37. go to the State Fair of Texas
  38. get a pair of custom boots
  39. see Stephen F. Austin’s grave
  40. go to Graceland
  41. see Buddy Holly’s grave
  42. visit Cadillac Ranch
  43. have my breathe taken away by God’s beauty
  44. become a YouTube star
  45. cut off and donate my hair
  46. visit my family in Germany
  47. go up in a hot air balloon
  48. go on a legit road trip
  49. participate in the “free hug” campaign
  50. dance under the stars
  51. go white water rafting
  52. camp out at Gundyville
  53. participate in a huge slip and slide
  54. Go to a rap concert
  55. Stand on the equator
  56. Hike half dome with my brother
  57. Collect all (or most of) Sweet Leaf Tea bottle caps
  58. Visit Tri Delta houses at different schools
  59. Go in a suite at Boone Pickens Stadium
  60. Participate in a Polar Bear swim
  61. See thee cowboys go to a national championship game
  62. Get on the field at BPS
  63. Go to Australia – again
  64. Swim with dolphins
  65. Speak in front of a large amount of people
  66. See Nelo live
  67. See Garth Brooks live
  68. Drive Route 66
  69. Go in the Dead Sea
  70. Drive a smart car
  71. Write inspiring quotes on the sidewalks around campus
  72. See the northern lights
  73. Land my dream job
  74. Create something I pinned on Pinterest
  75. Write a song
  76. Run until I can’t run anymore
  77. Get a large amount of people to become organ donors
  78. Get a 4.0
  79. finish a 1,000 piece puzzle
  80. pet a sloth
  81. Go camping
  82. See the Christ the Redeemer statue in person
  83. Be inspired by a book I’ve read
  84. Have a blog with loyal followers
  85. meet the Bloggess
  86. Be in my best friends wedding
  87. See a space shuttle launch in person
  88. Go to schlitterbahn with a big group of friends
  89. Spend all day at a deserted beach
  90. Stay on an island
  91. Touch / hold an Olympic medal

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